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Who am I?

Rounding the corner on thirty years  I began to take stock of my skills. One thing stuck with me. I liked to write. The people I showed my writing seemed to like it but I wanted my writing to do more work than idle entertainment. It was by the amazing suggestion of my better half that I began to look into copywriting. Several obsessive hours of research and many online courses later I was talking to my friends and family about it. If I were to do this I wanted to help people with more than a single web ad. When a company comes to me I want to be able to distill who they are and what they do so that whoever ends up reading about them knows them. If I’m lucky the companies that come to me will know themselves better too. 

I hope you join me on my mission to draw attention to the overlooked, to connect people with the products and services that better their lives, and to better ourselves by understanding each other.

Image by Susanne Schwarz
About Me: About Me
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